Fighting Arts Issue 06 - Not for Sale


"Very Rare Fighting Arts Issue 6 "Not for Sale"

Terry O'Neills Fighting Arts International
Issue no. 6

These are the issues that will not be for sale unless I find the odd copy and then they will go to the highest bidder!
Circa: December 1973
Valued £1'650
Condition: mint
Value £500 to £1'000
Condition: Poor to good
by Terry O'Neill
A Tai Chi Trip to New York City
by Robert W. Smith
Karate & Kung Fu An Editorial Warning
by Terry O'Neill
the Third British Karate Championships
Judo: The Russians in Tokyo
by Arthur Tansley
Uechi Ryu
by George Mattson
The History of Okinawan Karate
by Dennis Martin
Enter the Dragon Film Review
The JKA World Championships
by Terry O'Neill
Weapons & Fighting Arts of the Indonesian Arcipelago by Donn Draeger
Classical Bujutsu
by Donn Draeger
Karate Do Kyohan
by Gichin Funakoshi
Th 6th AEKF Karate Championships
By P. Harper
Nunchaku Danger
by Dennis Martin
BUDO Panorama
FIGHTING ARTS BOOK CLUB first appearance!

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