Ellington Darden Ph.D.

The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book provides boybuilders with all the information they need to know to train correctly and effectively and achieve maximum gains in the sport.

Dr. Ellington Darden Director of Research for Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries takes a careful look at the development of bodybuilding and its concepts and explains how they relate to the objective of Nautiulus equipment: to enable you to activate muscles completely and stimulate muscle growth. In addition Dr. Darden discusses the advantages of negative training proper form duration and frequency of workouts and layoffs and plateaus.

"The latter half of the book begins with the \""basic 21\"" rules every succesful bodybuilder should know before training. Dr. Darden then devotes an entire ten chapters to describing and illustrating proper use of the Nautilus equipment" body-part by body-part. Because variety in training is an important consideration to bodybuilders Dr. Darden provides a lengthy section on training programs including basic routins negative Nautilus workouts pre-exhaustion workouts push-and-pull workouts and change-of-pace workouts all of which will enable you to attain maximum muscular size and strength.

The book ends with a discussion of the most frequently asked questions about Nautilus and bodybuilding and their futures.

Dr. Ellington Darden Director of Research for Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries is the author of numerous fitness books including the best-selling Nautilus Book The Athlete's Guide to Spots Medicine and The Nautilus Nutrition Book all published by Contemporary Books.

Personally I've used Nautilus principles and machines in my heavy-duty training for more than ten years. It's worked for me-- and it will work for you.

#NAME?" Former Mr. America and Mr. Universe

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