Official Karate's Defense Combat 1976


Circa: October 1976
Condition: Fair for age
This is one of those rare spin off publications from the publishers of Official Karate
Editoral byAl Weiss
Letters to the Editor
Martial Arts Madness
A few topical gems from around the martial arts world. Nice photo of Joanna Lumley!
True Adventure: Ron (The Black Dragon) Van Clief verus * Thugs!
By Paul Ruben
Historical Fiction
"The Challenge Rock"
By P.J.Alann
Fighter's Portfolio Fred Miller's Jumping Spinning Back Kick
By Alan Vasquez
How to survive in the Streets with: The Dante "Death System"
By Herman Petras
Cartooon Serial: POWERS Master of Martial Arts
by Warren Satter
Savate: From Sewer to Stylized Sport
By John T. McGee
You are there at the World's Greates Fights: Dempsey Vs Firpo
By Alan Vasquez
Stan Brock Brings Taekwondo to TV's "The Wild Kingdom"
by Karen W. Carden

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