Karate Magazine Issue 13


Final Issue of Original Karate Magazine Issue 13

Overcoming the self by M. Nakayama
Karate in South Africa by G.S Higginson
1970 Universities Championship by Dennis Martin
Basic Turn "Mawatte" by Dennis Martin
Kata Jitte demonstrated by K. Enoeda
Club News featuring the Wirral School of Karate and Basildon kyokushinkai.
Around America with Iain Burke
Interesting article about training at Mike Stone's and Chuck Norris's dojo in 1969 (Pre way of the dragon)
United kingdom karate federation championships
Photos of of a very young Tanaka Sensei training in Australia.
Personality spotlight on
Miss barbara buschkoetter one the very first ladies doing karate in germany.
Round and about Topical karate news of 1970!

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