KARATE & ORIENTAL ARTS July - August 1975 No.55


KARATE & ORIENTAL ARTS No.55 July - August 1975
Condition GOOD
Sound Off Letters
Hapikido Taekwondo
By Gordon Batts
A Series of Articles by John L. Anderson & Mick Grey of The Budokwai No2. Ashi Barai to create Openings
Minute News
Around the World  snap shot information
Carroll Baker Actress takes to Karate
Nunchaku & Sai
By Ryusho Sakagami
Oriental Arts: Essentials of Chinese Calligraphy
By Wang Chi-Yuan
Secrets of Kung Fu
Introductory fundementals into chinese martial arts
by Michael Luk
Aikido Koryu No Kata Dai San
By Clapton & Holland
Donovan pays homage to Valera
Martial Arts Press Meet

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