BLACK BELT The 9th Annual Yearbook Black Belt '76


The 9th Annual Yearbook Black Belt '76
Circa: October 1976
Condition: Cover slightly cressed but for age in good condition
1976 Black Belt Hall of Fame
Ed Parker- Martial Artist of the Year
Jay T Will Karate Instructor of the Year
Jeff Smith Karate Player of the Year
Shag Okada Judo Instructor of the Year
Pat Burris Judo Player of the Year
Bruce Lee: The Final Years
By M. Uyehara
Aikido for Personal Growth and Self Improvement
By Paul William Kroll
The Poer of Ki: Bruce Lee vs Koichi Tohei Methods
By M. Uyehara
Karate: Alive and Well in America
By Paul William Kroll
Still Going Strong The Martial Arts in 1976
by Paul William Kroll
Black Belt's first annual East Coast Martial Arts Conference
By Massad F. Ayoob
Top Ten European Karateka
Top American Fighters
The list is to extensive!
One Man's 15 Year Battle for Karate Unity
TOM LaPuppet
By Rick Shively
One Man's dream for"A Better Judo"
By Jack Murray

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