The Martial Art of Kiyoshi Yamazaki DVD


Kiyoshi Yamazaki the son of a kendo teacher was born in Chiba Prefecture Japan on August 16 1940. His martial arts training began during his childhood days under his father. In 1956 he joined Konishi Sensei's Ryobu-Kan. He received his first teaching license for karate in 1962. In the same year he had extensive Okinawan kobudo training with Shugoro Nakazato the Current grand master of Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu in Okinawa.

Sensei Yamazaki attended Senshu University and joined the Shotokan organization there under the instruction of Hironishi Motonobu a student of Funakoshi Sensei (Founder of Shotokan). During his university days Kiyoshi Yamazaki continued to train with Konishi Sensei as often as possible. After graduating from Senshu University in 1964 with a degree in Economics he continued to train at the Ryobu-Kan. He trained so often under Konishi Sensei that eventually he was asked to assist Konishi in demonstrations and seminars worldwide. During these trips Yamazaki met many prominent instructors of the martial arts including Koga Ryu Ninja 13th headmaster Seiko Fujita Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu master Chibana Chosin and the heads of Nanban Sato Ryu Mr. So and Mr. Chin.

Yamazaki Sensei moved to the United States in 1969. He first started teaching at Citrus College in Azusa" California. He later opened a dojo in Anaheim California and participated in karate demonstrations with Fumio Domura (Itosu-Kai Shito-Ryu) at the Japanese Village and Deer Park in Buena Park California.

Today in addition to teaching at his dojo in Anaheim he maintains a very busy schedule promoting the philosophy of Shindo Jinen Ryu and supervising and developing all the schools of Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai outside Japan. In addition to Karate and kobudu Yamazaki Sensei is an accomplished exponenet of Iaido in the traditions of Omori- Ryu and Kashima Shin-Ryu.

Sen Sei Yama zaki is the current Chairman of the USA National Karate-do Federation's Technical Committee. He is also a member of the World Karate Federation's Technical Committee. As an official with the World Karate Federation he travels the world assisting in the coordination of Karate as a future event in the Olympics. Additionally Sensei Yamazaki is a member of the World Karate Federation's Referee Council.

His expertise in the martial arts has attracted producers in Hollywood; he has Served as a technical advisor instructor and even acted in several movies. His celebrity Students include Arnold Schwarzeneger, Sting, Richard Hatch, Sandal Bergman, Wilt Chamberlain, Bridget Nelson and Grace Jones. The most recent credit in the big screen is the movie "Dragon Heart"


1. Goshin Class - Self Defense
2. Shushi-No-Kon-Dai (Bo Kata Class)
3. Seiryu Kata
4. Anan Kata
5. Ishimine-No-Tonfa

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